Department of Environmental Health

This department is one of the well-disciplined academic centers in the country in educating professionals in the field of environmental health engineering at BSc and MSc levels. Three main research areas cover all environmental parameters such as air pollution, water treatment, solid and liquid waste treatment in the rural, urban areas and industrial sectors and include environmental monitoring and bio- monitoring of the pollutants, health-environmental interaction of hazardous pollutants and development of advanced techniques for environment purification.


Academic Staff:

  Degree/Major Name
CV Assistant Environment Control Technology Seyed Mahmoud Mehdinia Choubi
CV Assistant prof. in Environment Health Engineering Hamid Reza Nasehinia
CV Assistant prof. In Environment Health Khalilolah Moienian
CV MSc. In Environmental Health Gholam Reza Ghaeni
CV MSc. In Environment Health Engineering Hassan Keramati
CV MSc. in Environment Health Engineering Masoumeh Beigmohammadi
CV MSc. In Environment Health Engineering Safieh Ghobakhloo
CV PhD in Environmental Health Ayat Rahmani
CV Instructor, Environmental Health Masoumeh Tahmasebizadeh