Department of internal medicine is committed to provide the excellent training for medical students and residents;  with more than 23 academic members who are sub-specialized and specialized  in the fields of infectious diseases, cardiology, dermatology, neurology, pathology, oncology, nephrology, endocrinology and metabolism, gastroenterology and digestive diseases, psychiatry, rheumatology , pulmonary diseases and internal medicine.

Academic Staff

  Degree/Major Name
CV Internal Medicine,Assistant prof. Mahboubeh Darban
CV Infectious Diseases,Assistant prof. Ali Gohari
CV Cardiology,Assistant prof. Marjan biglari
CV Cardiology,Assistant prof. Rahimeh Eskanderian
CV Dermathology,Assistant prof. Ramin Taheri
CV Neurology,Associate Prof. Afshin samaie
CV Pathology,Associate Prof. Vahid Semnani
CV Onchology,Associate Prof. Farahnaz Ghahramanfard
CV  Internal Medicine,Assistant prof. Abolfazl Fatah
CV Nephroloy,Associate Prof. Mohammad Reza tamadon
CV  Internal Medicine,Assistant prof. Atousa Najmadin
CV Endocrinology & Metabolism,Assistant prof. Majid Frotan
CV Cardiology,Assistant prof. Mohssen Dareabian
CV Infectious Diseases,Associate Prof. Mohammad Nassaji  Zavareh
CV Gastroenterology,Associate pfof. Mehdi Babaie
CV Gastroenterology,Assistant prof. Hossei Nobakht
CV Psychiatry,Associate Prof. Behnaz Behnam
CV Nephrogy,Assistant prof. Maliheh Yarmohammadi
CV  Romatology,Associate Prof. Jamileh Moghimi
CV  Endocrinology & Metabolism,Assistant prof. Soraya Doust Mohammadi
CV Respiratory System,Associate prof. Farhad Malek
CV Gastroenterology,Assistant prof. Reza Dabiri

Head of Department:

Dr Farhad Malek