Department of Medical Physics 

Considering the fully specialized academic staff, the radiation, calibration and dosimeter sources, the radiation-protection responsibility of the ionized radiations were handed over to the department.

The Research Development

  1. Computerized modeling & simulations;
  2. Quality control and proper function assurance of the hospital instruments, especially the machinery related to medical radiography;
  3. Health physics (radiation protection against ionized and deionized radiations);
  4.  IT;
  5. Designing hospital tools and machinery;
  6. Artificial joints and clinical biomechanics;
  7. Designing and constructing diagnostic Nano-bio-sensitive tools for cancer timely diagnosis

Academic Staff

  Degree/Major Name
CV PhD,Assistant prof. Hadi Taleshi Ahangari
CV PhD, Associate Prof. Majid Jadidi
CV PhD,Assistant prof. Mohammad Tajik Mansouri
CV PhD,assistant prof. Hadi Hassan zadeh Nameghi 
CV PhD,Assistant prof. Payman Hejazi



Head of Department:

Dr Majid Jadidi