The Department of Tissue Engineering and Applied Cell Sciences

The Department of Tissue Engineering and Applied Cell Sciences in 2013 as a part of Medicine school in Semnan University of Medical Sciences. Tissue engineering is an emerging field that aims at regeneration of natural tissues and the creation of new tissues using biological cells, biomaterialsbiotechnology, and clinical medicine. A commonly applied definition of tissue engineering is "an interdisciplinary field that applies the principles of engineering and life sciences toward the development of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve tissue function or a whole organ". Tissue engineering involves the use of living cells to develop biological substitutes for tissue replacements with the ultimate goal of regeneration and repairing the damaged organs.

Applied Cell Sciences is known as a branch of biological science which is involved in extraction, culture, manipulation and differentiation of cells towards using in treatment of various diseases.

Academic members of this department are involving in multi disciplinary investigations in a broad range of the different scientific fields as follow.

  Design, synthesis and characterization of tissue engineering scaffold made from various biomaterials such as calcium phosphates, bioactive glasses, natural and synthetic polymers.

  Stem cell based tissue engineering

  Investigation of tissue repair (Bone, Cartilage, Cardiac patch, Skin, Pancreas….) using biomaterials

  Differentiation and application of various manipulations on the stem cells for treatment of different diseases. 

 Research interest in the Department of Tissue Engineering and Applied Cell Sciences are:

 Neural tissue engineering using mesenchymal stem cells

 Retinal tissue engineering using orbital fat mesenchymal stem cells

 Dental tissue engineering using mesenchymal stem cells

 Design and synthesis of various scaffolds for different tissues

Synthesis of various calcium phosphate materials (Hydroxyapatite, Tricalcium phosphate …) and bioactive glasses intended for biomedical application.


Degree/ Major


Sam Zarbakhsh

Head of Department


Manouchehr Safari



Hamid Reza Sameni



Marjan Bahrami Nasab



Amir Salati




Head of Department:

Dr Sam Zarbakhsh