Parviz kokhaei

Ph.D. in Immunology








  • -    Supervising and pursuing the scientific journals and Student Research Committee of the University
  • -    Planning and supporting the publication of articles by faculty members, university students and staff and drafting relevant regulations
  • -    Performing affairs related to the opportunities of research and congresses of the faculty inside and outside the country
  • -    Drafting the bylaws and research methods in order to design the University Research Council and supervising the implementation of them after approval
  • -    University Research Council, setting up meeting orders and drafting the resolutions of the Council
  • -    The School of Ethics in Medical sciences research, setting up meeting orders and drafting the their resolutions
  • -    Supporting for commercialization and conversion of innovations, inventions and research achievements applied to products in the field of advanced technologies
  • -    Pursuing the invention of university researchers in domestic and global databases