A warm welcome from the Central Library of SEMUMS.

I hope that you will find the library services and resources useful for your courses and research. On the Central Library homepage, you will find all services, information and resources for your convenience so as to have better studies and research in the university.

We are trying to prepare more effective and standard services to all our members including the students, the academic staff and the visitors. Here, the professional librarians try to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for all the members, particularly students. Additionally, during the last several years, the central library has prepared more digital contents and services such as greater access to and availability of electronic journals and scientific databases inside and outside the university campus and document delivery service.

Dr.  Saeid Valizadeh

Director of Central Library


About Library

Central Library was established in 1989. It includes study hall, lounge tank books, reference books halls, computer laboratories, warehouses and office rooms. Currently, the library has more than 40000 books   in various fields of medicine and medical sciences through membership in the medical Digital Library of IRAN. It provides access to online resources so the number of English journals has been diminished over the years so the English journals in print have been decreased and the need of researchers is provided through the shared databases or document delivery service.

Classification based on National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the system library is open. By installing locks on all books and theses as well as issuing the barcode membership card for members and to reserve the, books on computer systems, so access to bibliographic information is possible. There are also three computer sites in the library provides the access to the Internet, electronic books and magazines for members. Central library   was established in 1989. It has over 40000 books in English and Farsi languages in the field of medical sciences along with medical journals. 

Central Library is seeking to promote education and research as well as to support university activities in health promotion through providing, developing and easing accessibility to scientific resources and also to manage the process of scientific resources.

• Rendering Services: The librarians seek to render the best timely, precise, and complete services to all their clients;

• Innovation: The librarians constantly try to be innovative in rendering their services and to provide the scientific resources, as well as to utilize the latest information and technologies. The librarians render their services through a teamwork approach and share their skills in utilizing such technologies. 

The libraries and their skillful librarians working at the various campuses constantly try to adjust and coordinate their efforts with the aims of Semums. Bearing these in mind, the first thoughtful activity of Central Library is to develop a route in which the goals and missions are implemented. 

The formation & developing the route is based on lots of theoretical studies about the missions of the universities and paying attention to the position of the libraries as the center of knowledge and science and the ways to fulfill the goals. The Articles of the Statute are classified as follows:

• Supporting the Semums academic, educational and research plans and policies;

• Identifying the needs of the academic circles and providing the needs and fulfilling the necessities;

• Collecting, organizing and spreading information in line with fulfilling the Semums goals and activities;

• Paralleling the resources and services with social and academic reforms;

Membership in library

Bearing in mind that all specialized and post-specialized single-copy sources are placed in the Study Hall, the Central Library has membership system; all clients may only use the Study Hall with presenting their valid ID.

The following people may be the member of the Semums affiliated libraries:

1. Academic staff members and researchers;

2. Students at various educational levels;

3. Personnel

 Membership period:

Membership for each of the above groups is as follows:

1. The clients until they are retired or have stopped their work period at the university;

2. The students until their ID card is valid;

Note 1:

All academic staff members who would stop their co-operation with Semums in any form, or may go on a leave for more than three months, would have to settle their membership condition with the Central Library.

Note 2:

 All researchers and personnel who would stop their co-operation with the Semums for any reason, or may go on a leave for more than three months would have to settle their membership condition with the central Library.

Note 3:

All students who complete, or terminate their education at the university and would have no valid ID, would have to settle their membership condition with the Central Library. The Digital Section of Central Library provides you with facilities, so you will be able to access the library electronically. You may also ask the librarians your queries through email.

In line with the systematizing the rendering of virtual services and developing approaches and methodologies used in the Central Library, we request you kindly to study the Central Library Rules & Regulation Protocol


  Digital Reference

   The Regulations of Rendering Digital Services:

The digital reference services are such services through which the users may be able to correspond and get the answers digitally without being physically present at the library. Such correspondence may take place through phone call, emails, and other web forms.

The Semsum Central Library attempts to render better services to researchers and students so that an opportunity is available to ask queries through digital systems.

USER: The user may be an academic staff, researcher, student in medicine and related medical fields who are in need to use medical library sources;

 Questions & Answers (Q/A):

Q/As are such questions and answers that are exchanged between a user and a librarian about the sources available at the digital library (books, articles, dissertations, research proposals, etc.).

The Response Period:

Bearing in mind the fact that there may be many Q/As, they will be answered within three days. In some cases, when an interview has to be arranged, it would take place by email exchange between the user and the librarian. In case the response would take longer and the user will be notified by email.

Responding Method:

All responses will be sent through the emails.

The Fee: There is NO fee charged and ALL services in this form are free- of-charge.

All information put inside the system in each user form is solely for better utilization of facilities. Such information shall be just used for statistical and evaluation purposes only. No other use is applied to such personal private information. 

Evaluation: The central Library periodically evaluates the client satisfaction.

The Bill of Rights of the Medical Library Users:

The user should

a. receive information and in a professional format due to the role of information in health and reduction of errors;

b. be regarded aware when s/he asks librarians questions for guidelines or for better library utilization;

c. be provided with standard physical conditions with suitable ergonomics conditions, such as favorable acoustic systems, light, humidity, temperature, ventilation, desks, seating, and other facilities and machinery;

d. be able to visit the e-sources, organization’s website portal, newsletters, and latest library developments, as well as training program periods for users;

e. have access to library collections in line with the collection policies of the library (both e-sources and paper-based publications), except in exceptional conditions;

f. have the right to express his/her opinion regarding the selection, purchase, ordering, and other library processes in the year;

g. be informed that part of the library sources are allocated to the SBMU affiliated libraries at the treatment centers and hospitals in an up-to-date basis; and that their lists would be sent to the related clinical units in coordination with the related center’s manager;

h. be informed of the library information at the SBMU educational and research centers at the library entrance gate sign;

i. be able to receive consultations regarding the researches s/he may conduct;

j. be respected culturally and ethnically without any leaks which may permit propagations outside the organizational environment;

k. be informed of the library working hours along with all the facilities, news, announcements, etc. at the library gate quite clearly and visibly.

The following rules apply to duplication of the materials:

1. Copying a maximum of 20 pages is allowed per person per day;

2. The clients shall be informed of the prices per page for copying at the beginning of the academic year.

Using at the Central Library Site:

1. All members are allowed to use the facilities available at the library;

2. Those graduated from other universities may be allowed to use the facilities under required conditions.

 The borrower is obliged to return the source (s) borrowed at the due time. In case of late return (more than three times) the borrower will be deprived of borrowing materials for a semester; and in case of more repetitions, her/his membership shall be terminated, and the termination shall be reported to all Semsums affiliated libraries.

In case a source is lost, the borrower shall have to compensate the same similar original source or its new edition and deliver it to the library. In case the source is a rare one, and its compensation would not be possible in any form the borrower shall have to purchase another source upon the decision of the library management.  

The following rules apply for all users and clients at Central Library:

1. The academic staff members, researchers, and graduate students at all levels may borrow four titles for 48 hours;

2. The BS.c level students and the personnel at all levels may borrow three titles for 24 hours;

Note: Each member may borrow just a single copy of each title.

3. Textbooks, single-copies, titles with many requests, and e-sources (including audio-visual materials) would be borrowed upon the decision made by the library manager.

4. Reference books, journals, dissertations, reports of the published research proposals and conference abstracts may not be borrowed.

The following rules apply for the methods of use at the Informatics Section of the Central Library:

1. Computers and the internet at this section are solely used for searching the scientific and research sources, especially the databases and digital library sources;

2. The people allowed to use the facilities at this section include the academic staff members, researchers, students and personnel;

3. Workshops are solely used for educational purposes and are only possible to use by the written permission issued by the SBMU Vice-Chancellor in Research Affairs;

4. Due to possibility of viral infections, using side digital memories is not permitted;

5. Printers at this section are solely used for printing dissertations, research proposals, and/or scientific journal articles available at the SBMU Central Library, for a maximum of 10 pages for a user per day;

6. In order to print an article, the target file has to be saved In the Z Drive then refer to the printing personnel for copying;

7. No drinking or eating is allowed during the times working with computers;

8. If there is a problem, please refer to the librarians for help;

9. Please keep silent within the library

The Publications Section:

The Publications Section is in charge of the following:

a. Responding to the clients and guiding them;

b. Offering copying and printing services needed by the users;

c. Doing typing activities when necessary;

d. Collaborating with other Central Library Sections;

Working Hours:

The Central Library is open from 7:30Am-6Pm Saturdays- Wednesdays



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