A graduate applicant is an applicant who has already completed and obtained his/her first-level university degree and wishes to pursue his/her education beyond that level in M.Sc., Ph.D. For further information on graduate programs offered by SEMUMS.

   To apply for the graduate level, filling out the Online Application Form
   and uploading high-quality scans (as a compressed file for each) of the following documents are required:


  Supporting Documents:


-A letter of application or motivation in which you clearly specify your major and level of interest. it should be said that it is mandatory for MSc and PhD levels. Guidelines on writing a letter of motivation is available here

-A Resume

-Previous degree(s) in original: Ph.D. candidates should provide both their Bachelor's and Master's, and M.Sc. candidates should provide both their B.Sc. and High School Diploma (or any other related degree such as M.B.B.S.) along with the complete transcript of all records for all degrees.

-Proficiency in English and Acceptable Scores (mandatory for MSc and PhD applicants):

IELTS with a minimum band score of 5 or its equivalent in TOEFL iBT (minimum 53-64) or TOEFL PBT (minimum 510) is required upon registration. If your English score is below the required level, or if you have not yet taken an English test, you are still welcome to apply for admission. If the faculty would like to admit you, it will be ‘on condition’ that you submit a sufficient English test result.

-Two letters of recommendation

-A passport-size photograph

-A copy of passport's main pages


    For students intending to study in a graduate program, providing a certificate of any publications or published papers will be considered as an advantage, though providing these types of material is not obligatory and part of the requirements.