Social Determinants of Health Research Center(SDH)

Social Determinants of Health (SDH), such as nutrition, environment, work environment, poverty, education, social class, housing, water, sex, unemployment, stress, income, social support, education are the most important social determinants of health and cause diseases compared with biological agents and play the key role in human’s health and if they are ignored   to achieve the goals of health and justice will be impossible. These factors cause more than 50% of diseases and mortality rate in the world. Based on the available evidences, the major health inequities resulting from the asymmetric consequences of social factors on the health of people. If there are deep inequalities in health, we have no favorableworld for human beings. Evidence suggests a profound impact on the social determinants of disease and to achieve a humane society and to reduce the gap in health disparities, the social determinants of health should be considered as key points.

The study of each of these factors and understanding the relationships between them is the World Health Organization's objectives. During the last decade, the scientific information related to social determinants of health has improved dramaticallyand today the political conditions have been provided to do this compared to the last decade. This opportunity is too important to be neglected. To achieve these objectives a management is required to master the relevant knowledge, and the necessary political consciousness along with the moral attitude.Therefore, the Commission of the social determinants of health in the international health organizations has been established. Scientific understanding of the social determinants of health has made the ​​rapid progress in recent decades. In many countries, this scientific evidence is used to compile the new solutions for general policy making.Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the leading countries in combating the adverse effects on the social determinants of health since 2006, coinciding with the start of the World Health Organization's Commission on Social Determinants of Health, established the secretariat of Social Determinants of health in the Ministry of health and Medical education.



1- Identify the research priorities of community in order to carry out the necessary interventions

2- Carrying out the scientific research in order to identify the social factors associated with diseases

3-  Conducting the Research interventions in order to achieve to a healthy lifestyle

4- Carrying out the scientific research in order to identify  the  false attitudesassociated with health

5-  Conducting the research interventions to change the false attitudes associated with health

6- Reducing the health inequalities through improving the status of people’s knowledge

7- Intervention to reduce the health risk factors associated with lifestyle such as smoking, bad habits in diet and lack of physical activity, etc. 

- To publish the scientific articles, compiling the books on the area of the activities of center to enhance the community knowledge

- To train the Researchers through holding workshops

- To hold the scientific lectures to raise the community knowledge

-  To communicate with internal and external research centers to enhance the human’s knowledge

-  To publish the Journal in accordance with the objectives of the center to enhance community knowledge

-  To attempt towards the objective of research

- Efforts to promote the center to obtain the absolute agreement for independent budget within the next three years


The mission is going to promote the research capacity via the inter-section and intra-section collaborations in the field of social determinants effective on health and achieve the health equity in the country's development plans. In addition, to participate the community and non-governmental organizations for community education and providing practical models to promote the health behaviors are the other measures which are going to be performed. Other missions  are to develop the management of research on  the social determinants of health equity, upgrade the quantity and quality of research in the field of social determinants of health equity, promotion of research on priority social determinants of health to increase the public participation and the development of capabilities and skills of individuals to modify lifestyle and improve its quality and reduce the causes and socio-economic inequalities on the health-based development, collecting the documentations and general evidences of health inequalities; to explain and evaluate health inequalities in physical and mental condition, to explain and assess the social health inequalities, to determine the health status in social groups, creating a registration system of SDH studies, education, income security, social support and social capital, health system, lifestyle and living conditions are the other factors which need to be carried out in future.