To go ahead in the borders of science, the great steps need to be taken; and internationalization in scientific scene is one of them. Also, having the relationship with the scientific centers globally is the basis of development. Internationalization in higher education has provided people with access to a great deal of more information and knowledge regardless of regional boundaries. The main goal was breaking new grounds in educational excellence in various fields of medical sciences with an international outlook.

In education, we need to go beyond our borders and expand our horizons. In other words, we must ensure that our education meets the global standards. In teaching, we need to have a standardized curriculum, aided by technology and based on the latest research. In learning, we need to strive for strength and excellence. In fact, the following steps ought to be taken to achieve our objectives:

·         Promotion of scientific collaborations with international universities,

·         Reinforcing exchanges of knowledge with scholars around the world,

·         Designing joint-degree programs through cooperation with internationalized universities,

·         Motivating the overseas the researchers and students to involve at all levels of medical sciences.

Finally, having the cooperation with the well-known medical institutions throughout the world is the great step to accomplish the durable development.

Navid Danaie;

Vice-Chancellor for EducationalAffairs (CV)

Pediatrician and Neonatologist

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