Expert of Fighting Against Infectious Diseases


کارشناس پیشگیری و مبارزه با بیماری های واگیر


Seyed Jamalodin Hosseini


Telephone: 023- 31052206, 023-33452344



  • Getting know with applications of offices for uploading data and data analysis.
  • Estimating and predicting the incidence of target diseases (infectious, non-infectious) and conducting epidemiological studies and necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of new and similar cases in the future.
  • Estimating and preparing a plan of resource distribution for implementing plans at the city level.
  • Planning and holding seminars and workshops for different groups at the university level, designing and compiling educational programs for specific groups (such as prisoners, etc.) and participating in national educational programs
  • Planning and setting up detailed and annual operational plans for infectious diseases
  • Planning, organizing and executive implementing controlling plans of infectious disease in the province
  • Facilitating the implementation of national programs developed in the field of care system and control of infectious diseases
  • Organizing, planning, and implementing infectious disease care strategies based on the results of surveys and university policies
  • Organizing, planning and implementing strategies for care, control, elimination, eradication of infectious diseases based on the national program, statistical data and their analysis.
  • Participating actively in internships, skills and training courses in order to improve information and job capabilities and apply the results in performing the assigned tasks.
  • Designing and compiling educational tools and texts to educate the community using educational media (such as posters - pamphlets ....)
  • Designing, formulating and implementing research programs on infectious diseases, studying and researching on risk factors, identifying at-risk populations and providing the necessary suggestions and recommendations to reduce the risk.
  • Collecting and analyzing disease statistics, preparing the final report and sending it to the relevant ministry and higher authorities
  • Participating in applied research in the field of health system in the relevant job.
  • Participating and cooperating in city planning in the field of executive programs of the city headquarters, cooperating with the private sector in the field of primary and secondary prevention strategies.
  • Studying and identifying the epidemiological condition of infectious diseases in the world, country and especially the province
  • Monitoring the statistics portal program, reporting and registering the epidemiological survey form of infectious diseases
  • Supervising and implementing national programs of the system of care, and controlling infectious diseases
  • Cooperating in educating medical and paramedical students in the covered units.