Year of group establishment: 1989

Year of group separation in case of separation and establishment of an independent group: 2008-2009


The Bacteriology- Virology Group was established in 2008 as a separate group from the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology and has continued its activities until now. The goals of this group are:

  • Teaching bacterial and virology courses to medical and dental students as well as undergraduate, graduate and PhD students in various fields
  •  Research in bacteriology and virology in the form of research projects or student dissertations
  •  Collaboration with hospital and specialized laboratories of the university in the diagnosis of microbial infections
  • Improving the academic level of the faculty members of the group through passing study opportunities, courses and specialized workshops
  •  Holding specialized workshops in the field of bacteriology and virology


Group research projects and lines

  • Antiviral research (study on the antiviral effects of organic and inorganic compounds)
  • Study on respiratory and intestinal viral infections
  • Study on viral hepatitis and herpesviruses
  • Study of antibiotic resistance and resistance genes in pathogenic bacteria
  • Investigation of virulence genes in bacteria
  • The use of probiotic in the treatment of various disease
  • Study of nosocomial bacterial infections
  • Study of diarrhea bacterial agents in poultry, meet, milk and dairy products




  • Launching postgraduate courses
  • Setting up specialized diagnostic laboratories
  • Collaboration with other training groups to launch interdisciplinary courses


Academic Staff


Degree/ Major


Ali Jazayeri Moghadas

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Bacteriology


Omid Pajand Birjandi

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Bacteriology


Saeed Valizadeh

Ph.D, Assistant prof. Medical Virology


Majid Eslami

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Bacteriology


Hadi Ghafari

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Virology




Head of Department
Dr. Saeed Valizadeh
Ph.D Virology
Address and e-mail of the head of department: Semnan - 5 km of Damghan road - School of Medicine, Ibn Sina building - second floor, bacteriology- virology department