Welcome to the department of Bacteriology and Virology in Semnan University of Medical Sciences.


The Department of Microbiology has trained and educated numerous medical students who are rendering their services in various locations and is doing the following activities:


  • Diagnostic methods, including culture, serology, and molecular biology research methods in diagnosing bacteria, viruses, and chlamydia;
  • Sensitivity and features of diagnostic methods;
  • Antibiotic resistances;
  • Opportunistic infections;
  • Extracting proteins and toxins from bacteria;
  • Microorganisms and malignancies;
  • The antibacterial impacts of essences, and herbal plants in humans and animals;



Academic Staff

Name Degree/Major  
Ali Jazayeri Moghadas Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Bacteriology CV
Omid Pajand Birjandi Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Bacteriology CV
Saeed Valizadeh Ph.D, Assistant prof. Virology CV
Majid Eslami Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Bacteriology CV
Hadi Ghafari Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Virology CV



Head of Department
Dr Saeed Valizadeh
Ph.D Virology