Head of the Center

Dr. Davood Baghernasrabadi

Members of the Center


The Biotechnology Research Center affiliated to Semnan University of Medical Sciences started its activity in 2000. Yet, it was officially opened in October 2002. This center is the first Biotechnology Research Center in Semnan province. It aims to conduct basic, applied and developmental research, and train qualified specialists based on the needs of society in the field of medical biotechnology (health, treatment and medicine). These activities are aimed at expanding knowledge, producing biological products, inventing and launching molecular diagnosis methods, expanding scientific cooperation with other centers inside and outside the country, and training specialists in the above fields in accordance with the country's priorities.

Research Priorities

  • Designing, producing, optimizing, purifying and evaluating recombinant proteins and biosimilars with medicinal and diagnostic purposes.
  • Designing, discovering and producing anti-cancer, anti-microbial, anti-pain peptides, tumor detection and immunomodulatory peptides.
  • Designing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products based on nanotechnology
  • More...


Address: Department of Medical Biotechnology, Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, 5-kilometer Damghan road, Semnan, Iran

Telephone: 023-33654187

Postal Code: 3513138111

Fax: 023-33654187