Committee of Managing Structure and Technologies


  • Preparing a comprehensive program for reforming the administrative system of the university based on the roadmap for reforming the administrative system and a comprehensive plan for reforming the administrative system of the 11th government.
  • Designing a new management model for managing and providing services of system, and revising the way of performing tasks and activities in order to fulfill the main missions of the university.
  • Identifying offices, tasks, activities and offices that can be assigned to other actors.
  • Determining partnership and outsourcing methods such as outsourcing, participation, partnerships, transferring management, privatization, and purchasing services to perform tasks and activities.
  • Preparing an operational plan for the transfer of enterprises, including the titles of services and activities, priorities, quantitative objectives, timing, method of transfer, regulations.
  • Leading the establishment and supervision of the transfer of activities and enterprises and operational offices to other departments, and providing infrastructure and resources

Committee of Structure and IT






Dr. Pahlevan

Vice-Chancellor of Development and Human Resources

Head of the Committee



Head of Organizational Development and Administrative Transformation

Secretary of the Committee


Dr. Jandaghi

Vice-Chancellor of Health, and Head of Health Centers

Member of the Committee


Hamidreza Momeni

Head of Physical Resources and Civil Projects

Member of the Committee


Ahmad Sedighi

Head of Legal Affairs

Member of the Committee


Mahdi Taherian

Head of Financial Affairs

Member of the Committee


Alireza Mosadegh

Head of Planning of Budget and Supervising Performance

Member of the Committee


Mohamad Hasan Tajali

Head of Security

Member of the Committee