Directorate of International Affairs


Directorate of International Affairs in Semnan University of Medical Sciences (SEMUMS) was founded in 2016 to develop policies, programs and setting the targets to align research, educational and treatment centers with expanding the international links and to fulfill the following goals:

* To promote the international collaborations in education, research and technology, to sign the memorandum of understanding with research and educational institutions to exchange professors, researchers and PhD students. Also making efforts to find the scientific and research potentials in both parties, 

* To achieve the international standards in education and research and also to promote the accreditation of graduates’ degrees to be accepted in the prestigious universities throughout the world,

* To assess university based on the educational and research criteria, on the organizational development and human resources in accordance with global standards through the accreditation organizations to improve the quality of education and research,

* To do ranking the university position compared with the other universities, this is done according to the global evaluation indices and indicators,

* Finally SUMUMS is ready to train medical students, to enhance the research opportunities, to produce technology and to increase the scientific ties with the well- known scientific centers in the world.


 Prof. Manouchehr Safari, PhD in Anatomy (CV)

Director of International Affairs

Semnan University of Medical Sciences (SEMUMS),
Central Headquarter of University,
Bassij Blvd.,

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