Dynamic and Static Balance Laboratory

Location: Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Center

Year of the Establishment: March 2010

Major Specialized Equipment: Balance System SD.

Research, Educational and Therapeutic Applications: Accurate evaluation of neuromuscular control of balance by quantitative measurement of the ability to maintain balance while standing on one foot or both feet on fixed or moving surfaces. To determine the balance control status, four different device tests can be used as follows: 

  • Fall risk assessment protocol
  • Ability to control balance in athletes by standing on one foot
  • Determining the balance range
  • Determining the positional balance of the individual

These measurements enable us to use the highly advanced and accurate capabilities of this system to evaluate the manner and strategy of controlling patients' balance following all rehabilitation interventions in cardiovascular, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and neurological patients.

Also, this system can be used for educational purposes, and to strengthen a person's motor abilities to control balance when there is damage to the mechanisms of deep sense reflex in trauma.