Educational Services

Head of Educational Services

Leila Hossein poor


  • Studying rules and instructions related to educational services – admission, graduates, justification and coordination of staff experts and experts of the faculties
  • Taking the necessary measures to inform the affiliated colleges about the educational rules and regulations
  • Checking out and analyzing reports provided by experts on students' educational problems
  • Taking the necessary measures to solve the educational problems of students in coordination with the director of Education
  • Taking the necessary measures to improve the working methods and activities of the covered offices in coordination with the Director of Educational Affairs
  • Handling all administrative referral letters from the director of Educational Affairs
  • Being responsible and careful in performing the assigned tasks, planning and supervising the performance of offices of staff and faculties
  • Preparing and compiling activity reports of the covered offices and requested statistics
  • Evaluating sub-personnel annually in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations in coordination with the Director of Education
  • Following up of matters related to students' hourly work
  • Following up and taking action of matters related to student tuition
  • Carrying out matters related to the issuance of a document delivery license
  • Referring letters related to academic certificates, transcripts, human resource plan, dissertations to relevant offices
  • Controlling student files and monitoring the correct process of educational affairs
  • Conducting research matters in the field of education with the cooperation of other offices
  • Taking action to develop a strategic plan and educational management flowchart, monitoring and evaluating them
  • Organizing and following up the evaluation program of departments of education of the faculties
  • Participating in training sessions and visits, providing executive solutions to solve problems
  • Controlling the site of Education periodically and updating it
  • Performing other matters assigned to the Director of Education and Postgraduate Studies of the University