• Identifying and extracting community research priorities to make the necessary interventions
  • Conducting scientific research to identify social factors related to diseases
  • Conducting interventional research to achieve a healthy lifestyle
  • Conducting scientific research to identify health-related misconceptions
  • Conducting interventional research to change health-related misconceptions
  • Reducing health inequalities by improving public awareness
  • Intervention to reduce the effect of lifestyle-related health risk factors (such as smoking, malnutrition, lack of physical activity, etc.)
  • Publication of scientific articles, compiling of books in the field of activity of the center in order to increase public awareness
  • Training of researchers by holding workshops
  • Holding scientific lectures to increase public awareness
  • Communicating with domestic and foreign scientific centers to increase human knowledge
  • Setting up a scientific journal in line with the center's goals to increase community awareness
  • Trying to target research
  • Trying to promote the center in terms of final approval and independent funding over the next three years


SDH Research Center of Semnan University of Medical Sciences wants to create an environment where individuals regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, social class have fair opportunities to enjoy health, through its influence on policy-making, decision-making and evaluation of health programs. So, health must be considered as the highest goal of the relevant authorities in the region and all governmental and non-governmental organizations should try to ensure, maintain and promote health in its general sense consciously.


This center aims to use its maximum capacity in the production of science in the field of social factors affecting health and achieve justice in health in line with the country's development programs through intra-sectoral and inter-sectoral cooperation. In addition, it aims to attract the participation of the community and non-governmental organizations, educate the community and provide practical and applied models for health-promoting behaviors. Other missions:

  • Development and management of research in the field of research on social determinants of health justice,
  • Improving the quantity and quality of research in the field of social determinants of justice in health,
  • Promoting research in priority areas of social determinants of health with a participatory approach,
  • Attracting the conscious participation of the people, developing the capabilities and skills of individuals in order to improve the lifestyle and its quality and reduce socio-economic disorders and inequalities in terms of the principle of development-oriented health,
  • General documentation and evidence of inequality in health status,
  • Explaining and determining of inequality in physical health,
  • Explaining and determining of inequality in mental health,
  • Explaining and determining of inequality in social health,
  • Determining the distribution of health status in social groups,
  • Establishing of SDH study registration system,
  • Education, Income, Security,
  • Social protection and social capital,
  • Health system, lifestyle, living conditions