Macro policies of the Hospital




Alignment and coordination with the general health policies of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Ministry of Health, University, Hospital

Providing qualified services to clients using the principles of quality improvement models, such as accreditation, which is required to implement the required standards, and we strive to do our best to implement the basic standards.

Clients and patients

Paying special attention to health safety and prevention activities at the level of patients and staff and prioritize prevention over treatment

Staff, clients and patients

Establishing guidelines for maternal and child-loving hospitals and maintaining the tablet of the breast-loving hospital

Clients and patients

Increasing awareness, responsibility, empowerment and structured and active participation of the individual, family, and community in maintaining and promoting health using the potential capacities of the hospital

Senior managers, staff, clients and patients

Qualitative and quantitative development of training for staff, patients, clients in a targeted, health-oriented manner, based on the needs of the community

Senior managers, staff, clients and patients

Collaborating on research in medical universities with an innovation system approach and planning to achieve the expected progress

Senior managers, staff, students

Special attention in selecting contractors and how the department / unit / outsourced activities operate in accordance with current regulations

University of Medical Sciences, Contractors, Clients

Empowering personnel through continuous retraining and determining their professional competence

Senior managers, staff, clients and patients

Teaching the provisions of the Charter of Patients' Rights to patients and staff and monitoring its implementation

Clients and patients

Implementing the principles of green management by observing the rules of waste management and disposal of environmentally friendly wastewater

Senior managers, clients and patients

Purchasing of medicine is done through the pharmaceutical system and hospital pharmacopoeia.

Technical manager and pharmacy manager, patients

Purchasing of equipment and supplies is tracked and done through the imed ministry website.

Manager of medical equipment

Continuity in the implementation of health transformation system program packages

Clients and patients