Department of Parasitology and Mycology

The Department of Parasitologyand Mycology has trained and educated numerous medical students who are rendering their services in various locations and is doing the following activities:

  1. Diagnostic methods, including culture, serology, and molecular biology research methods in Diagnosis of Parasites andfungi
  2. Opportunistic infections;
  3. The anti fungal and anti parasite  impacts of essences, and herbal plants in humans and animals;

There are three following sections as follows:

A: The Parasitology section, including:

  1. The research lab for studying blood and tissue protozoa,
  2. The research lab for studying reproductive and digestive system protozoa,
  3. The Helminthology lab for studying helminthes (Nematoda-Cestoda-Trematoda)

B: The Mycology section, including:

  1. The research lab for Fungal infections and other aspects of Fungi (Culture- genetic studies…etc)

C: The Entomology section, including:

   1-The research lab for studying insects and toxins (Toxicology)


Academic Staff

Name Degree/Major  
Farahnaz Bineshian PhD,Assistant prof. CV
Sohrab Imani PhD,Assistant prof. CV
Ramin Pazoki PhD,Assistant prof. CV
Hadi Amrolahi PhD,Assistant prof. CV

Head of Department:

Dr Sohrab Imani