Dr. Hamidreza Hafezi


Deputy of Food and Drug



  • Planning and supervision of medication, food, beverage, cosmetics and health are the responsibility of the Deputy.
  • Implementing the description of the assigned tasks, controling the health of medicines and food products, and cosmetics through overseeing the implementation of the policies developed by the Ministry of Health, treatment and medical education.
  • Continuous monitoring of pharmacies, manufacturers of food products, beverage, cosmetics, procurement and distribution of controlled drugs, efforts to prevent the supply of illegal and smuggled pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and drug products.
  • Investigating the applications of the establishment of food industry, drinking, cosmetic and issuance of established licenses, exploitation and technical officer, implementation of chemical and microbial tests to ensure the quality of products produced in the factories
  • Providing appropriate medicines for prescription and rational use through information and necessary training.
  • Currently, the Food and Drug Administration conducts duties assigned by the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Medical education.

Address: 165 number, Molavi Blvd, Semnan, Iran

0098-023-33334808, 0098-023-33330005