Semnan University of Medical Sciences (SEMUMS), affiliated to the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, is one of the medical universities located in the east of Iran. It is a state medical university founded in Semnan in 1989. It has always been actively involved not only in academic activities, but also in research, health and treatment. This university offers a wide range of opportunities and excellent facilities for study and research in medical fields and it is a nationally recognized high-profile institution that provides superior education, research and treatment services to the community.

Semums is the home campus for state wide programs in such medical fields as Pharmacology, Dentistry, Health, Nursing, Allied medicine and Rehabilitation majors. As one of the outstanding medical research universities in Iran, Semums also tries to encourage researchers and facilitate their needs in order to attain its research and academic goals. The university tries to fulfill its three important missions, namely Research, Education and Healthcare.

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 School of  Dentistry

School of Rehabilitation

 School of Nursing and Allied  Medicine

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