Assessing the Student’s Educational Development

Article 28) The educational progress of every student is done based on the class participation and activities, doing well in the educational activities. Besides, final examination results will also be involved. Moreover, the related professor will also be a source of progress for every student.

Article 29) progress the educational development of students in clinical courses will be done by observing the following terms:

29-1- Obeying Islamic and professional ethics and providing appropriate relations with the patients, visitors and employees

29-2- Participating regularly in all the classes and related sections and staying the set shifts based on the scheduled programs of the section

29-3- Paying attention to the given tasks and having sense of conscientiousness according to the set rules including providing and completing the patients’ medical records, book log, portfolios, etc.

29-4- Expanding skills and benefiting from the clinical internship and training courses

29-5- Participating in the final examination and obtaining necessary score next to the regular assessment done by the professor in three phases of knowledge, skill, and attitude

Article 30) Final examination of theoretical courses will be written and should be taken at the end of each semester of pre-clinical courses.

Note: Clinical examinations will be given at the end of each section.

Article 31) The result of educational progress which is based on terms of Articles 30 and 31 will be announced by scores. Score of each student in each course or section will range between zero to twenty.

Article 32) Minimum passing score for courses of stages one and two will be 10 and the minimum total average of these stages will be 12. Minimum passing score for theoretical courses of clinical internship and sections related to stages three is also 12. And the minimum total average of each of these stages will be 14. Students who do not obtain the minimum passing score for either of the courses or section is bound to retake those courses or sections in the earliest set time. However, all scores including passed or failed will be put in the score record and will be calculated in the average score.

Note: Each of theoretical and practical courses have separate scores, but the score for theoretical-practical courses which are considered as one united course will be the average of the two theoretical and practical sections separately based on their course index. If the average of the two theoretical and practical sections does not reach 10 or score of one of them grows less than 8, even the average reaches 10, both the sections must be retaken.

Article 33) Professors are bound to announce the final score of students in a course or section maximum by 10 days after the final examination day and that should be declared to the college’s department of education.

Note: After the announcement of final scores by the department of education each student can submit his/her written objection to the same department for further inspection maximum by 3days after the announcement.

Article 34) Department of education in the medical college or related organ in the international campus are bound to officially hand in the final scores maximum by two weeks after the examination day of each semester and after objections have been reconsidered and possible lapses have been overcame.

Note: Scores will not be changed after they have been handed in to the department of education office.

Article 35) At the end of each semester of the pre-clinical course, total average score in that semester and the total average score of the whole course up to that semester will be calculated and at the end of each of the Mbbs courses the total average score of the student will be put in the score record.

Note: To calculate the average score, the number of units in that course or section will be multiplied by that course’s index and the sum of multiplied results will be divided into total unit numbers that the student has achieved passing or failing score.

Note 2: Summer term will not be accounted as a semester since the scores obtained in the summer term will only affect the total average of the whole related stage.

Article 36) Average scores of students should not grow less than 12 in any of the pre-clinical semesters of medical education. Otherwise, registration for the next semester will be under conditions.

Note 1: In cases which the number of units offered by the university is less than 12, that semester will not be accounted as the educational years of the student. But if the average grows below the stated amount that semester will be accounted as a conditional one. In cases which the number of units grows less than 12 due to students’ problems in any of the educational medicine stages, that semester will be accounted as educational years of that student and if the average grows low that semester will be a conditional one.

Note 2: University is bound to inform the student and his/her parents about the conditional status of the student in written form and one copy of that should be kept in the student’s records. This way no default will be on the warning from the university and nothing would impede the process of law execution.

Article 37) A student who registers under conditions, even in the last semester of each of pre-clinical stages, is not allowed to take more than 14 units in that semester.

Note: In special cases, deciding on whether or not to provide the conditional student with more than 14 units in the last semester of each of the pre-clinical stages of medical education will be upon the educational council of the university’s campus. In either scenario, this number should never exceed 20.

Article 38) The total average of student in the end of each of the first and second stages should not grow less than 12 and the total score average of student in the end of each of the third and fourth stage should not grow less than 14. Students who obtain lower scores than the aforementioned limits can retake those courses which were below 12 or 14 provided that their allowed time of education in that stage is not expired. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to proceed to the next stage or even graduate. Obviously, the scores for the retaken courses will be put in the score record of the student and will be calculated in the total average scores.

Note 1: If the student retakes the courses whose scores were lower than 14 to compensate the average score of each of the third stage of the MBBS course and obtains higher scores than 14 but still the average score is not compensated, that student can again retake those course (although they were higher than 14) to compensate the average in the related stage. This should be done by observing other rules of the education system. Obviously, the newly added scores will be put in the score record of the student and will be calculate in the total average of each semester.

Note 2: If the scores of a student in any of the courses or sections grow less than 12, 13, 14 and tries to compensate those scores by retaking the course or section but again fails, all the obtained scores including passed, failed or repetitive ones will be calculated and if the total average of that stage reaches the passing limit, that passing score which was achieved formerly will be accounted and the student will be allowed to proceed to the next stage. If the total average of a stage does not reach the passing limit the student is failed and should retake the course or section even though it has been passed formerly.

Note 3: If a student does not want or like to use the aforementioned opportunity or uses the opportunity but fails in compensating his/her total average can changes his/her course of study to other levels of education regarding Associates degree and integrated or disintegrated B.Sc. based on terms of Note 2 of Article 13 of this instruction.

Article 39) A student who fails for three consecutive semesters or four alternate semesters will be excluded from continuing studying. If the average of passed units is at least 10, that student can change the course of study to one of integrated or disintegrated B.Sc. levels, or Associate degree The student who is excluded from continuing education due to the abundance of conditional semesters can submit to start studying in all fields of study except the previous one and can register in his/her interested major if admitted. The new university can accept the already-passed units and adapt them to the program of that university.