Dean of School of Pharmacy

Dr. Baharah Hakiminia

Pharmaceutical science is a profession in the field of health that connects health sciences, medicine and chemistry. It includes different trends such as Drug Discovery and Design, Drug Delivery, Drug Synthesis, Clinical Sciences, Drug Analysis, Drug Economics and Supervisory Affairs. Coping with all kinds of diseases and the treatment process requires the availability of medicines needed by the patient. Therefore, the field of pharmacy is one of the most important fields of medical sciences. It improves the quality of service in various clinical departments, and this definitely requires the presence of faculty members and pharmacists.

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The School of Pharmacy of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services was established with an about 4000 square meters in 2021. It has two floors and a separate building for laboratories. More...

About School of Pharmacy

In an ever-changing and constantly evolving world, a pharmaceutical scientist has an effective and crucial role in raising the standing of Iran in different educational and research areas and fulfilling the demands of a progressing society, in collaboration with other medical scientists and specialists. We hope that this educational curriculum will raise the standing of the field and help it to meet international standards. Therefore, it is highly hoped that this field can find its true position in national and international circles in the next 10 years.

Our major responsibility is to train scientists who can provide health care services, practice in research and programming organizations and provide pharmaceutical services. Training such scientists will lead to health care system progress; moreover, using new methods and technologies to develop novel pharmaceutical products and providing consultation, helps diagnose, treat and prevent diseases. Therefore, creativity, innovation, teamwork and professional ethics are central to this field.

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School of Pharmacy, Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Basij Blvd., Semnan, Iran.

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