Dr. Ehsan Hossein zade

Neurosurgery Specialist

Deputy of Treatment


  • Supervision of the good implementation of the rules and guidelines of the field of treatment of the treatment deputy in subsidiary medical institutions
  • Coordinating with the Department of Education and Health on the treatment of outpatients and their hospitalization in a way that they do not impair or decrease education.
  • Planning for the highest level of performance of affiliated educational institutions, during office and non-office hours, and proposing and implementing specific plans to accelerate the treatment of inpatients and outpatients.
  • Planning and monitoring of services to specific patients and organ donation
  • Development Planning for Implementation of Specialized Projects in the Framework of Central Staff Regulations and Guidelines
  • Planning and Supervision of Pre-hospital and Hospital Emergency Performance
  • Supervising the affairs of affiliated medical institutions of the University, including hospitals and rehabilitation institutions and private and charitable health centers
  • Contributing to the development of treatment units based on the hospital bed development document
  • Supervision and evaluation of standard criteria and departments and clinics
  • Following-up and co-operation in referral system implementation
  • Consideration and supervision of preclinical services of affiliated medical institutions
  • Consideration and implementation of the criteria for establishing private, charitable and public health centers
  • Following-up of existing medical problems and problems in the area and looking for appropriate solutions for them and reflect to the Ministry
  • Following-up of specialists in different medical fields based on the type of subsidiary hospitals
  • Proper implementation and monitoring of perinatal service leveling
  • University Medical Commission Implementation Planning and Supervision