Vice-Chancellor of Treatment


Dr. Ehsan Hossein zade

Neurosurgery Specialist


Deputy of Treatment of SEMUMS supervises, controls and evaluates the provision of services in university and non-university medical centers as well as medical institutions, offices, and rehabilitation and diagnostic centers located in Semnan, Garmsar, Damghan, Mahdi Shahr and Aradan.

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Head of Nursing Management

Hossein Davari

Educational Pamphlets for Nurses

Educational Pamphlets for Patients


Distribution of Specialized Forces Unit

Expert: Alireza Sedghi

MA, Governmental Management

This unit is a subset of the Management of Diseases and Diagnostic- Treatment Centers of the Deputy of Treatment. More.....

Department of Economics of Treatment

Head of the department: Fahimeh Fereydoun nejad

MA, Health-Treatment Services Management


Statistics and Information Unit of Deputy of Treatment

Expert: Elham Momeni

BSc, Medical Statistics and Records


Management of Medical Emergencies of SEMUMS

Health indicators are one of the most important indicators of community development. Pre-hospital medical care is important in health care. These cares are of special importance due to their role in saving human lives. Prehospital care starts from the patient's bedside and ends in the hospital emergency room. For more information, please click here...

Head of Medical Emergencies of SEMUMS

Pejman Qaraian

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Expert of Medical Emergencies of SEMUMS

Public Relations of Medical Emergency

IT of Medical Emergency

Pre-Hospital Emergency

History of Ambulance

During World War I, prehospital services improved qualitatively, gradually dispatch centers assisted paramedics by the invention of wireless. Even before World War II, physicians could get to the patients by modern aambulances and they could contact to dispatch centers to provide better medical care. In the 1960's, the role of the pre-hospital emergency system was strengthened with the development of medical knowledge, especially in the field of resuscitation and defibrillation and the need to accelerate the provision of these services. More about it....

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