Distribution of Specialized Forces Unit


Alireza Sedghi

MA, Governmental Management

This unit is a subset of the Management of Diseases and Diagnostic- Treatment Centers of the Deputy of Treatment



  • Checking the needs of hospitals to specialist physicians and taking action to attract them
  • Gathering information about the general needs of hospitals for accommodation and welfare facilities of specialists
  • Issuing the certificate of service years of specialized and sub-specialized physicians
  • Gathering information and statistics of specialized and sub-specialized physicians of the province
  • Applying for the last year of specialized assistantship as a one-month plan
  • Logging in to the systems of the relevant ministry, sending and receiving letters related to specialists
  • Issuing the performance certificate of one-month plan for final year assistants introduced by the relevant ministry
  • Corresponding with the medical system of the country regarding the activities of specialists
  • Dividing within the province and calculating the commitment period and coefficients of the region
  • Issuing the certificate of completion of obligations of k-factor specialists in the system of the relevant ministry
  • Answering properly the questions and problems that professionals face before entering.
  • Following up the welfare problems of specialists and submitting a report to the superior
  • Carrying out the tasks assigned by the Deputy of Treatment and Management of Diseases