Dr. Saeed Kassaeian

Deputy of Health


  • Investigation, study and identification of geographical characteristics, resources and health problems related to community health and determination of priorities
  • Planning for solving problems and promoting community health in policies context and declared national strategies and regional findings taking into consideration the university conditions
  • Supervising the implementation of activities and monitoring and evaluation of executive operations, assessing the quality of services and regular visits of the head quarter and health networks of the affiliated counties.
  • Providing facilities and resources in order to use new scientific methods for studying and recognizing the condition of diseases and health norms and timely action during the occurrence of all incidents and unforeseen events.
  • Expanding the policy of non-focusing in the development of the university health networks and creating necessary fields for the autonomous health Network of the city and devolving necessary disposal to them
  • Creating appropriate platform for the submission of services to the private sector in transferable affairs.
  • Establishing relationships and rational coordination between different technical operations in health-care networks in order to realize the integration of services in all stages of planning, implementation, supervision and evaluation
  • Supervising the recruitment of active community participation in planning, providing resources and implementation and evaluation of health care programs.
  • Coordinating in order to conduct studies, and researches that lead to the reform and promotion of the health care system in the executive dimensions and its methods.
  • supervising the conduct of national and regional pilot programs and extracting their results and presenting reasonable and appropriate strategies to promote health and community health
  • Coordinating, cooperating and collaborating with other departments of the university to implement projects, promote and provide all-inclusive of health services and medical education
  • Cooperating with other organizations and departments that have a direct and indirect responsibility of society and the guidance of the following managers in the Department of Deputy and Healthcare networks for coordination and cooperation between the part of the health-related executive organizations