Greetings from the Central Library


I hope that you find the library services and resources useful for your courses and research. The Central Library provides the access to an extensive digital library of e-books, e-journals and also printed scientific resources including books and theses. You access to the platform of most premier publishers and citation databases by using digital library. You can search all university's printed collections about different medical subjects in the central library and also the affiliated libraries of SEMUMS by using online library catalogue searcher named Azarsa. Our professional Liberians always help you for your research and make a warm and friendly atmosphere for your studying as well.  Providing effective and standard services to all the library's users including under-graduate students and post-graduate students is our main goal and mission.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we try to provide more convenience and online services for all students such as online resources loan and reservation, online extension of the period of resources loan, document delivery and online workshops.


Director of Central Library
Dr. Saeid Valizadeh