A warm welcome from the Central Library of SEMUMS.

I hope that you will find the library services and resources useful for your courses and research. On the Central Library homepage, you will find all services, information and resources for your convenience so as to have better studies and research in the university.

We are trying to prepare more effective and standard services to all our members including the students, the academic staff and the visitors. Here, the professional librarians try to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for all the members, particularly students. Additionally, during the last several years, the central library has prepared more digital contents and services such as greater access to and availability of electronic journals and scientific databases inside and outside the university campus and also document delivery service.

Director of Central Library
Dr.  Saeid Valizadeh

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About Central Library:

Central Library was established in 1989. The library whit about 2000 square meters space has different sections including study hall, thesis and journals, reference books, computer, seminar and office rooms. Currently, the library has about 22000 book copies, 1728 thesis and dissertations, 314 research project in various fields of medicine and medical sciences. In addition, the library provides access to online books and journals from different scientific databases which are subscribed by the university. Books and thesis are classified based on the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in the central and affiliated libraries.

There are two computer rooms in the library, which provide the access to the internet, electronic books and journals for all members. All computers in the library are connected to the copy and printing department. In addition, there is Wi-Fi coverage in whole library premises.

Central library is seeking to promote education and research as well as to support university activities in health promotion through providing, developing and easing accessibility to scientific recourses and also to manage the process of scientific recourses.




To access to online subscribed databases and Azarsa catalog searcher (to find books bibliographic information in the central and affiliated libraries) click the following pictures.



Working hours:

The central library is open from 7:30 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. (from Saturday to Wednesday)


Library websites:



Publishing Office of University: https://pub.semums.ac.ir/