Dean of School of Medicine

Dr. Mohammad Memarian


A message from Dean

I would like to welcome your choice to study in SEMUMS. In 1985, the School achieved 6-year accreditation from the Medical Council, demonstrating a high standard of medical education is being delivered at the University.

The aim is to create caring and competent physicians being able to adapt to the challenges of modern clinical practice. The emphasis on integrated learning and problem based learning methodology encourages through research and enquiry; a route to develop the capability of the doctors as a continuous learner. After all, medical school is only the start of a long journey in the practice of Medicine.

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  • Teaching medical sciences to students
  • Conducting scientific research in different fields of medicine, health and treatment
  • Coordinating the education, research and treatment policies
  • Holding scientific conferences through collaboration with related authorities
  • Provision of required faculty members and supervising the proper implementation of educational, research and treatment affairs
  • Training GPs and specialists in various fields of clinical medicine to promote the health
  • Cooperating in offering the continuous education to the Province medical community through educational committees
  • Training postgraduate students (MSc) to meet the treatment and health-requirements and having cooperation with academic staff in the universities and research centers in the country. Conducting fundamental and applied research in basic and clinical sciences to fulfill health-treatment needs and extending the knowledge boundaries, and offering solution to the present questions and problems through educational committees, research centers, educational centers and interuniversity cooperation
  • Offering health and treatment services to hospitals and affiliated health centers in order to create a proper atmosphere for students and trainees
  • Cooperating in educating the students of various fields in Semnan University of Medical Sciences and other universities in the country

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Basic Sciences

Clinical Sciences

Residency Programs:

Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Anesthesiology, and Emergency Medicine

B.Sc. Program

Laboratory Sciences (Download)

MBBS. Program

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Download)

M.Sc. Programs

Anatomy (Download)

Immunology (Download)

Medical Physics (Download)

Clinical Biochemistry (Download)

Ph.D. Programs

Biotechnology (Download)

Physiology (Download)

Applied Cell Sciences (Download)

MD. Program

Doctor of Medicine (Download)


Address: Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Km 5 of Damghan road, Semnan
Telephone: +98-23-33654162
Fax: +98-23-33654209