A message from Dean

I would like to welcome your choice to study in SEMUMS. In 1985, the School achieved 6-year accreditation from the Medical Council, demonstrating a high standard of medical education is being delivered at the University.

The aim is to create caring and competent physicians being able to adapt to the challenges of modern clinical practice. The emphasis on integrated learning and problem based learning methodology encourages through research and enquiry; a route to develop the capability of the doctors as a continuous learner. After all, medical school is only the start of a long journey in the practice of Medicine.

Our six-year course is fully integrated, enabling the development of domains and themes throughout the course. The first two years are considered the “pre-clinical” years. Formal teaching in basic and clinical sciences is now delivered by sums, taking advantage of their long history of excellence in teaching in the basic sciences.

The clinical years are delivered jointly with the many participating clinicians in public hospitals,. This experiential and skills based teaching is vital in the preparation for internship.

The School has a strong emphasis on encouraging rural practice with an aim to enroll some of students per year from international students.

In next years, the students are also able to participate in Clinics. This is a fabulous opportunity to learn and enjoy the challenges even in the rural and remote medical practice.

The School of Medicine provides an exciting and challenging course which gives students the opportunity to participate in social programs, discuss bioethical constructs, learn about preventative and public health, and develop skills for basic research while also ensuring a continuing emphasis on communication and clinical skills.

The practice of medicine remains an art and a science. Join us if you are interested in learning about compassionate, evidence-based, patient-centered care.

School of Medicine will, through an education imbued with the Islamic values of compassion, respect and service, graduate health professionals who are knowledgeable, skillful, dutiful and ethical.

 Dr. Jadidi

Ph.D of Medical Physics