• Teaching medical sciences to students
  • Conducting scientific research in different fields of medicine, health and treatment
  • Coordinating the education, research and treatment policies
  • Holding scientific conferences through collaboration with related authorities
  • Provision of required faculty members and supervising the proper implementation of educational, research and treatment affairs
  • Training GPs and specialists in various fields of clinical medicine to promote the health
  • Cooperating in offering the continuous education to the Province medical community through educational committees
  • Training postgraduate students (MSc) to meet the treatment and health-requirements and having cooperation with academic staff in the universities and research centers in the country. Conducting fundamental and applied research in basic and clinical sciences to fulfill health-treatment needs and extending the knowledge boundaries, and offering solution to the present questions and problems through educational committees, research centers, educational centers and interuniversity cooperation
  • Offering health and treatment services to hospitals and affiliated health centers in order to create a proper atmosphere for students and trainees
  • Cooperating in educating the students of various fields in Semnan University of Medical Sciences and other universities in the country

The School will graduate health professionals who

  • Are clinically excellent, compassionate, respectful and empathetic;
  • Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior in all their actions;
  • Will contribute meaningfully to address the health disparity experienced through practice;
  • Champion social justice through reducing inequalities and disparities in health care;
  • Have a strong commitment to and capacity for lifelong learning, reflective practice, personal health and wellbeing;
  • Contribute significantly to health care in rural and other underserved populations in different areas;
  • Engage in scholarly research and advance the body of medical knowledge; and
  • Apply a strong scientific basis to clinical practice.

To achieve these goals, the School will:

  • Deliver high quality medical and health education;
  • Attract students who value the mission and goals of the School;
  • Continue to attract high quality staff who will engage in excellent teaching and research;
  • Advance the role of the educator through innovative and engaging professional development opportunities;
  • Establish medical education and research centers of excellence;
  • Value community involvement and strengthen collaborative partnerships with stakeholders;
  • Continue to a collaborative and supportive learning, teaching and research environment;
  • Demonstrate responsible stewardship of resources. 

Address: Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Km 5 of Damghan road, Semnan
Telephone: +98-23-33654162
Fax: +98-23-33654209