Vice-Chancellor of Health

Dr. Saeed Kassaeian

The Vice-Chancellor of Health is the highest official in health system of each province. Also, he is the head of the Provincial Health Center. 

Technical Deputy

Executive Deputy

History of Deputy of Health and Health Center of Semnan

The Deputy of Health and Health Center of Semnan are supervised by SEMUMS.  According to the defined tasks in Health System, the Deputy of Health of SEMUMS with its nine departments try to plan, direct, supervise, organize programs, and evaluate them at the level of Health Centers of cities (with the cooperation of other deputies of universities).

In addition to its relation with the Chancellor and other deputies of SEMUMS, this deputy is directly connected with the related departments in Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. They guide, supervise, organize and support this deputy financially, scientifically, etc. Also, it is in direct relation with the executive organizations of Semnan Province to follow up the health issues of the province. Main Responsibilities...


Executive and Supporting Offices

IT of Deputy of Health

Administrative Affairs

Financial Affairs

Public Affairs

Public Relations

Technical and Professional Offices

Network and Health Development

Health of Family and Schools

Management of Environmental and Occupational Health

Prevention and Fight Against Diseases

Improvement of Community Nutrition

Oral Health

Mental- Social Health and Addiction

Danger and Accidents

Health Education and Promotion


Health-Treatment Networks