Public Affairs


Hossein Sobhani

 Telephone: 023-31052209, 023-33452344


  • Supervising the proper flow of all affairs of the offices
  • Issuing necessary orders in order to coordinate offices
  • Preparing and notifying relevant internal instructions
  • Participating in commissions, seminars and meetings, and preparing the necessary reports
  • Organizing relevant activities, dividing tasks, determining the duties and limits of responsibility and authority of the offices under its supervision and supervising their proper implementation
  • Planning, identifying and supervising various matters of resource development and public participation
  • Confirming administrative pass and leave of staff for up to one day
  • Confirming the staff mission sheet at the relevant location
  • Supervising and approving all matters related to purchases, remittances, maintenance costs of equipment and facilities
  • Visiting administratively and monitoring provincially the centers covered by the province and submitting the relevant report
  • Carrying out other relevant matters in coordination with the superior authority