Executive Deputy


آقای محمدحسن قدس الهی


Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ghods Elahi

Telephone: 023- 31052183



  • Conducting appropriate and practical research in the field of recognizing and solving existing problems and appropriate technologies to solve the problem and ....
  • Getting to know with the applications of the relevant office, uploading data and analyzing data.
  • Coordinating between the affiliated offices of the center and other offices of the Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.
  • Planning and coordinating to create new offices, providing scientific and practical solutions to improve the quantity and quality of existing offices based on national standards.
  • Planning, coordinating and creating a suitable platform for using the facilities of the health in the field of education and training of medical and paramedical students.
  • Following up and monitoring the support of the logistic needs of the offices.
  • Developing and implementing an annual action plan based on the strategic plan and service packages.
  • Searching for appropriate and practical solutions to coordinate the effective sectors in health, develop health and improve the health of the community.
  • Collecting and categorizing the information and statistics needed to plan and implement programs in the province.
  • Collecting and sending current statistics to superior offices.
  • Receiving, reviewing, and analyzing the reports received from the affiliated offices, cooperating for proper reflection of the offices, and preparing the final report for the higher offices.
  • Participating actively in internships, skills and training courses to improve information and job competencies
  • Participating in the technical-professional selection of employment applicants, their employment, the necessary arrangements for survival, continuity and the provision of efficient human resource.
  • Participating in the analysis and review of detailed health plans (national and regional) and preparing appropriate plans in the region to prepare operational budgets.
  • Participating in the preparation and implementation of guidelines, educational- health protocols, research through scientific committees and executive instructions through local councils.
  • Participating in applied research in the field of health system in the relevant job.
  • Studying in order to identify the potential capabilities of the region, preparing new plans appropriate to the economic and social conditions of the region.
  • Studying the needs of affiliated offices (organization and internal relations between offices) and providing a suitable solution for the distribution of human resource and facilities.
  • Monitoring the implementing long-term annual budgets and programs.
  • Cooperating with the head of the Health Center of province for full familiarity with national programs, selection of the most appropriate methods, and their implementation in the region.
  • Cooperating with the head of the Health Center of province for recognizing local and regional issues, examining practical ways, solving problems.
  • Cooperating in educating medical and paramedical students in the covered offices.
  • Performing other assigned tasks according to the order of the superior authority