Technical Deputy


Telephone: 023- 31052209, 023- 33452344


General Responsibilities:

Participating and cooperating with the Deputy of Health in activities related to:

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Guiding offices of Deputy of Health
  • Utilizing and attracting resources to achieve goals
  • Monitoring, and evaluating
  • Coordinating Internal and inter-sectoral offices
  • Reporting and collecting information and health indicators


Detailed Responsibilities:

  • Recognizing the geographical and demographic characteristics of the province, identifying local and regional issues, and examining practical ways to solve problems
  • Cooperating with the Deputy of Health for full familiarity with national programs with emphasis on the selection of the most appropriate methods
  • Participating in the preparation of strategic and operational plans
  • Preparing and updating the panel of health information management of the area covered by the faculty
  • Analyzing health indicators of Panel of Health Information Management of faculty
  • Identifying major health problems and following up the development of appropriate interventional programs to solve the health problems identified from the analysis of the Panel of Health Information Management
  • Accompanying the technical and managerial monitoring of the Deputy of Health
  • Striving and following-up to institutionalize the monitoring and evaluation system level by level
  • Following-up and striving to institutionalize the formation of the necessary coordinating meetings with a specified frequency and documented in the minutes.
  • Following up the improving the management capacity of the health system by implementing various training programs on management principles such as planning methods, problem solving methods, teamwork one and operational in the field of health
  • Studying the needs of affiliated offices, and providing appropriate solutions for the distribution of facilities and resources
  • Coordinating and supervising to train and improve the knowledge and skills of human resources
  • Supervising and directing all technical programs of the offices covered by the Deputy of Health
  • Receiving and reviewing the received reports from the affiliated health offices and networks, and supervising the preparation of the final reports of the superior offices
  • Collecting and categorizing information, statistics and indicators needed to plan, implement future programs and improve health indicators
  • Participating in the preparation and implementation of guidelines, health- education- research protocols through scientific committees
  • Supervising the preparation and compilation of texts, pamphlets and teaching aids for in-service training, retraining, supervising and monitoring the implementation of training programs
  • Supervising the necessary coordination between the affiliated offices and the relevant ministry
  • Coordinating between the affiliated offices and other offices of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
  • Searching for appropriate and practical solutions to coordinate effective sectors in health, develop and improve the health of the community
  • Supervising the sharing of the health achievements of the Deputy of Health with other sectors affecting the health of the community
  • Planning and coordinating for the quantitative and qualitative development of health services and other related services based on national laws and regulations
  • Supervising the research activities of the Deputy of Health in order to conduct appropriate and applied research