History of Deputy of Health and Health Center of Semnan


The Deputy of Health and Health Center of Semnan are supervised by SEMUMS.  According to the defined tasks in Health System, the Deputy of Health of SEMUMS with its nine departments try to plan, direct, supervise, organize programs, and evaluate them at the level of Health Centers of cities (with the cooperation of other deputies of universities).

In addition to its relation with the Chancellor and other deputies of SEMUMS, this deputy is directly connected with the related departments in Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. They guide, supervise, organize and support this deputy financially, scientifically, etc. Also, it is in direct relation with the executive organizations of Semnan Province to follow up the health issues of the province  


Main Responsibilities


  • Controlling and caring of regional infectious and non-infectious diseases and determining the epidemiological pattern of diseases
  • Developing long-term and short-term operational plans based on national policies and notifying of them to all networks in the province
  • Managing and planning the care of children, pregnant and lactating mothers and providing family planning services to all mothers of childbearing age
  • Monitoring and controlling environmental health of public facilities, preparation, distribution and sale of food, water and air health, and sanitary disposal of waste
  • Monitoring and controlling occupational hazards in work environments
  • Developing health education and empowering people to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Providing and supporting health centers of affiliated cities technically, administratively and financially
  • Estimating, preparing and supplying drugs, biological materials and medical equipment required by affiliated units
  • Supervising and evaluating all technical and administrative activities of financial units in the province
  • Planning and following up student health programs and coordinating with education
  • Developing and following up the implementation of mental health programs at the community level
  • Managing community nutrition improvement programs to improve community food habits and community food basket
  • Managing information and statistics in the healthcare network system of cities
  • Identifying and classifying health, administrative and technical problems in the region
  • Planning for expansion and improvement of health units in accordance with changes in population distribution and easy access to health services in the community
  • Participating in the design and completion of community physician training in units
  • Preparing and completing national research in health fields in the region
  • Collecting and checking reports on the activities of health centers, announcing results and preparing reports for responsibility