Department of Economics of Treatment

Head of the department: Zahra Babaei Nik

MA, Executive Management


Expert of Department of Economics of Treatment

Fahimeh Fereydoun nejad

MA, Health-Treatment Services Management



  • Preparing and compiling monthly operational plans of the university's medical economics
  • Empowering and transferring knowledge and technology to the headquarters units and centers covered by SEMUMS
  • Managing deficits, checking insurance deficits and providing solutions to reduce them
  • Managing resources by checking and providing solutions to reduce costs and increase revenue
  • Communicating and interacting with insurance organizations
  • Following up of matters related to rural insurance, family physician and referral system at levels 2 and 3 and drawing the referral route in cities
  • Following up of HIS-related cases in hospitals, monitoring and inspecting its implementation process in hospitals
  • Developing standards and concluding contracts on how to provide medical services to centers, organizations and commercial insurance companies in the form of special treatment contracts
  • All matters related to guidelines and standards of clinical medicine, including localization, notification and hospital monitoring
  • Launching an electronic transcription project
  • Launching the project of electronic health insurance file (Rose system) and investigating the existing problems in this field, monitoring the affiliated centers regarding the timely sending of electronic documents
  • Collecting, calculating, analyzing and monitoring of technology data (Sepas, Dashboard, Sajjad, HSE, etc.)
  • Following up the allocation of funds and cooperation in the distribution of Article 92 (the poor people - mental and burn, etc.)
  • Receiving and timely notifying tariffs, and monitoring its proper implementation
  • Notifying and monitoring the implementation of health care tariffs
  • Visiting the affiliated hospitals of SEMUMS to check the expenses and income, and preparing the hospital bills
  • Supervising and controlling the use of health technology, including the use of modern technology in medical equipment and the use of IT according to compliance with economic principles and health standards
  • Being responsible for reducing the franchise of the transformation plan and all related matters such as notifying instructions, training units, monitoring, etc.
  • Preparing statistical booklets and analytical information as well as various regulations in the field of income, expenses, doctors’ work and staff
  • Performance-based payment secretariat
  • Holding and participating in meetings, workshops, professional and educational conferences
  • Checking financial and tariff referrals, complaints and lawsuits
  • Coordinating the affairs of the staff committees of the Deputy of Treatment of SEMUMS
  • Maintaining and expanding intra-sectoral and inter-sectoral cooperation within the framework of the duties and powers of the department in order to facilitate the performance of assigned tasks