Head of Medical Emergencies of SEMUMS



Dr. Mohammad Athari: General Practitioner

Head of Medical Emergencies of Semnan Province since 2007
Lecturer at Semnan University of Medical Sciences since 2007


Executive background: Vice- Chancellor of Student Affairs - Manager of Student Affairs - Head of Health Group in Unexpected Accidents of SEMUMS - Head of Semnan Health Center - Head of Mahdishahr Health Center.


Educational background: University lecturer since 2007


The message of Head of Medical Emergencies of SEMUMS

Today, human beings have achieved significant achievements with scientific advancement. These stunning achievements have made life easier for human beings and relieved many people of the burden of hard work. Unfortunately, it has also caused suffering. Human mortality, disability and amputations due to scientific achievements are not insignificant. These include deaths and injuries in traffic and industrial accidents.

There must be systems in place to help emergency patients in the shortest possible time. Timely treatment of emergency patients and their prompt transfer to medical centers can reduce patient suffering, mortality and disability. Pre-hospital emergency technicians and hospital emergency staff play an important role in achieving this valuable goal. I appreciate the sincere and round-the-clock efforts of these loved ones in the pre-hospital emergency bases, communication centers, message centers, headquarters of the city's emergency management centers, as well as the emergency departments of the hospitals of SEMUMS.