Management of Medical Emergencies of SEMUMS

Health indicators are one of the most important indicators of community development. Pre-hospital medical care is important in health care. These cares are of special importance due to their role in saving human lives. Prehospital care starts from the patient's bedside and ends in the hospital emergency room.

In a situation where seconds and minutes play an important role in saving human lives, speed, accuracy and coordination in the provision of emergency medical services are very important. Pre-hospital emergency operations (EMT) staff are the first people who are aware of the medical issues come to the patient's bedside, so they play a key role in these critical moments. The sensitivity of the services provided by the 115 emergency technician is so great that it can be considered as the difference between the patient's death and life.

Management of Medical Emergencies of SEMUMS with pre-hospital emergency complexes (115) of hospital emergency, headquarter of guidance, information, handling medical affairs, unexpected events and passive defense is responsible for treatment management in accidents and crises, care of emergency patients, and referring patients to specialized medical centers.

The pre-hospital emergency system (EMS) tries to provide emergency medical services to clients in the shortest possible time by creating coherent networks of emergency bases in cities and roads, as well as air, coastal and rail emergency bases.

Management of Medical Emergencies of SEMUMS has 5 centers in Garmsar, Sorkheh, Semnan, Mahdishahr and Damghan. Currently, Aradan city center is managed in Garmsar city.