Public Relations of ME

In the era of communication and information technology, categorized information is transmitted daily from all over the world by media so that they may be able to satisfy the 21st century human beings to receive news. Various media transmit categorized information from all over the world daily. Therefore, human beings are able to be informed of events, and news.

One of the major tasks of public relations is to "manage events" and react to events which have negative consequences for the organization and limit its potential and life.

For this purpose, public relations can manage events by identifying and analyzing them, setting priorities, choosing the appropriate strategy for dealing with them, implementing a communication plan and evaluating their effects, and remembering the law of communication in a critical situation.

Obviously, one of the most important criteria for crisis management in public relations is to provide objective information to the public through news. Public relations, based on ethical principles, provides people with information that is objective and real, and this information can undoubtedly have a positive effect on people's informed decisions.