Goals and View of Deputy of Treatment


  • Benefiting of community from qualifies, safe, effective, efficient, timely, evidence-based services of the health system management
  • Financial protection of the people against health expenses in accordance with the current laws of the country
  • Promoting the responsibility and responsiveness of the service providing system
  • Increasing the level of satisfaction of recipients and service providers
  • Promoting quality in planning, coordination and monitoring of medical services continuously
  • Empowering the managers and staff by making optimal use of available resources
  • Creating capacity and a suitable platform for conducting and applying applied research
  • Developing a comprehensive management system of statistics and information
  • Developing and promoting quantitative and qualitative indicators of health services



The Deputy of Treatment of SEMUMS is in charge of providing, facilitating, maintaining, promoting and supervising the provision of diagnostic and treatment services to the community with the focus on increasing the satisfaction of stakeholders and recipients.



The Deputy of Treatment of SEMUMS intends to work in line with the vision of the Health System up to 2025 and orders of the Supreme Leader of Iran. Also, it intends to be one of the best service providers and scientific authorities by achieving quantitative and qualitative indicators of health services. In order to achieve these goals, it intends to trust in committed and efficient human resources, benefit from capabilities in a peaceful environment.


Organizational Values

  • Fair access to services
  • Fair use of services
  • Being committed to the principles and values of Islam, preservation of human dignity and protection of the rights of service providers and recipients
  • Being committed to scientific principles and standards
  • Providing effective and efficient services focusing on three axes:

Process management

Customer Orientation

Continuous improvement with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of service providers and recipients