Chapter One - Registration and Entrance Prerequisites

Article 1) Prerequisites for entering the MD/MBBS course are as follows:

1-1- Diploma [HSSC] original Degree with the Transcript(s)


1-2-The Original Diploma that translated to English language must be stamp by the embassy of Iran in your country OR the embassy of your country in Iran.

1-3-Being allowed continuing education according to the current rules of IRI.

1-4-Having mental and physical health according to the approved criteria of great council of scheduling medical sciences.

Note 1: If a student does not embed mental and physical health for the MD/MBBS course, s/he will not be allowed to continue studying in this course based on the viewpoint of medical council of university’s international campus.

Note 2: Handing high school diploma at the time of registration is obligatory by the end of first semester.

Article 2) Admitted students are bound to refer to the international campus of the university for registration at certain times assigned by the. Not referring for registration by the first semester after admission it will be considered as withdrawal from studying.

Article 3) A student is bound to refer to the department of education for continuing studies and taking units in every semester at assigned times by university.  Not doing so for one semester without excused reason will be considered as withdrawal from studying and the student will be excluded.

Article 3-1) The students who enrolled in SEMUMS in each term have to obtain their respective credits from educational departments. If the student does not enroll him/her in one term without the approval of the educational office or without appropriate reason, he/she would be expelled from their respective program.

Note: In exceptional cases which the student considers his/her withdrawal excused, the written reasons of that should be delivered to the department of education maximum by one month before the end of that very semester. If the educational council of international campus accepts the genuineness of the provided excuses, that semester will be accounted as the allowed period of studying and a leave of absence will be issued for that semester.