Expert of Mental and Social Health and Addiction


کارشناس سلامت روانی، اجتماعی و اعتیاد


Hava Sam Khaniani


Telephone: 023-31052194, 09196132702



  • Coordination internally and externally coordination in the field of mental, social health and addiction services by attracting the support and participation of stakeholders
  • Planning to train at-risk groups throughout the year
  • Planning and participating in the implementation of applied research
  • Planning and coordinating to improve knowledge and skills of staff
  • Planning and coordinating to improve the level of mental health literacy of the general public by public education
  • Monitoring and supervising the implementation of the program in the covered areas, providing feedback and reporting to a higher level
  • Proposing and developing operational and executive plans related to mental, social health and addiction
  • Following up the formation of provincial and city committees, following up approvals, continuing meetings
  • Dividing labor and grouping the activities
  • Preparing monitoring checklist of environmental offices by activities
  • Preparing and developing educational packages and protocols for screening, prevention, care, treatment and rehabilitation of mental illnesses, prevention of psychiatric and social injuries in cooperation with higher education centers, institutions and trade, scientific, and national unions
  • Involving the participation of non-governmental organizations
  • Involving the participation of specialized human resources, especially the city psychiatrist, to improve the quality of the programs
  • Collecting and analyzing statistical information, registering information in the portal of the Deputy of Health, providing feedback and compiling performance reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Politicizing and planning in the field of mental, social health and addiction
  • Reducing harm, training life skills and parenting, providing psychosocial- social services in disasters, preventing domestic violence (spouse abuse, child abuse and elderly abuse), preventing suicide, mental health in schools, implementing guidelines for dealing with children in health care centers, implementing programs for development of community psychology, and implementing other notified programs
  • Coordinating for the implementation of programs of mental, social health and addiction in the covered population, including: implementation of a comprehensive program of mental health promotion, prevention of psychiatric disorders, prevention of drug and alcohol use disorders
  • Coordinating the implementation of cultural prevention programs on occasions (health week, mental health week, anti-drug week, etc.) according to the submitted instructions and sending reports to higher levels
  • Coordinating to provide the necessary funds, and supervising their distribution and spending


Social Health Services:

  • Reporting statistics of mental, social and addiction indicators, submitting reports and reporting, analyzing data and statistical information and performance related to relevant programs through the system
  • Providing periodic and annual reports
  • Using new technologies, applications and common systems in the system
  • Planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating social health programs at the regional level