Five-year strategic plan of Nursing Care Research Center of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services (2016-2021)


Five-year strategic plan of Nursing Care Research Center of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services has been compiled in order to achieve the goals of the center and according to documents such as 20-year Vision of the Country, Fifth Plan of Development of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Comprehensive Scientific Map of the Country, Comprehensive Scientific Map of SEMUMS and the strategic plan of the Deputy of Research and Technology of SEMUMS. The purpose of designing this program is to develop research in the field of nursing, attract nursing researchers and use their knowledge and experience, attract and allocate resources needed for researchers, target nursing research, use modern nursing science, conduct applied studies, help to solve nursing problems and help to train specialized human resources and researchers in the field of nursing.

Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is a science and art that includes the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to health and disease. The field of nursing services has expanded to three levels of prevention and basic prevention. The position of nurses in the health system is unique. Nurses are working in the constantly changing environment. Socio-economic cultural changes, cases related to clients and recipients of services, technological changes and on the other hand the expansion of science in the nursing profession, cause this dynamic nature in the nursing profession. Nurses use defined knowledge, clinical experiences, research findings, standards, and processes. Nurses use research findings for evidence-based care that will benefit the individual, family, and community.

This Center believes in the value, dignity and integrity of all human beings (customers) and believes that doing research is helpful and necessary in order to achieve the overall goals of the health system, providing qualified services, and responsibility for services provided and justice in health. The extract of nursing research is based on the consensus of academic and clinical experiences. The research framework is art, science and humanity, which is formed based on professional interactions, education and ethics in research. Research is an interactive and participatory process, so this center will try to support interactions between professions, intra-professions, students and educational institutions, customers and recipients of services and provide the ground for their effective participation. This center believes in the effectiveness and efficiency of research activities in various dimensions, including scientific and economic dimensions.

This center will strive to expand its product-oriented research activities in all aspects of prevention, relying on internal capabilities and external interactive synergies. At the same time, it will consider the diversity and dynamism of research topics and investment in different dimensions of research in local, regional, national and international fields.