Introduction of Mental and Social Health and Addiction


The Office of Mental and Social Health and Addiction is one of the specialized offices of Deputy of Health of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services. The policies of this group are regulated by the Office of Mental and Social Health and Addiction in the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, then they will be notified to the universities.

 One of the recent programs of this office is promoting mental and social health, prevention and treatment of addiction in the program of health system transformation. It intends to increase the level of mental health literacy, improve the quality of services and people's access to mental health services to reduce social harms and high-risk behaviors.


The main programs of this office:

  • Preventing and treating psychological disorders
  • Training life skills
  • Preventing committing suicide
  • Planning for psychological- social disorders in accidents especially in children and teenagers
  • Preventing child abuse
  • Preventing violence against women and domestic violence
  • Preventing and treating disorders of drug use and harm reduction measures including services for injecting drug users and street addicts
  • Training parenting
  • Planning interventions of social health
  • Implementing instructions of dealing with the child
  • Planning comprehensively for prevention, treatment and reduction of harms of alcohol poisoning