Centers and Organizations

Cultural, Artistic and Social centers of students


Cultural, artistic and social center is one of the most prominent symbols of student participation for cultural development. It is a good platform for creativity, emergence of talents and cultural maturity along with strengthening the sense of responsibility and sociability.

Therefore, the formation of cultural, artistic and social centers of students, even with small groups, is considered as the social rights of this educated class. In this regard, the instructions on how to form cultural, artistic and social centers for students of medical universities in the country have been communicated to the universities with the signature of a respected official of the Ministry.


According to this instruction, which has been compiled and approved in 7 articles, 21 clauses and 9 notes, the centers are formed with the following objectives:

  • Creating a suitable platform for identifying, growing and flourishing students' talents and abilities in the field of cultural, artistic and social affairs.
  • Promoting student participation and cooperation in policy-making, planning and implementation of cultural, artistic and social activities at the university level.
  • Institutionalizing activities and promoting the legal status of centers.
  • Strengthening intermediate civil society organizations.
  • Striving towards national unity and promoting religious values in universities.
  • Promoting students' awareness and abilities in cultural, artistic and social affairs.


According to Article 1 of this instruction, the centers can operate in different titles and fields in the university environment independently with the coordination of the university's Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs, but in general, their activity must be in one of the cultural and social fields.

  • Cultural centers such as: Quran Center, Nahjul Balagha Center, Cultural Studies Center, Cultural Research Center.
  • Art centers such as: Film Center, Photo Center, Visual Arts Center, Handicrafts Center, Poetry Center, etc.
  • Social centers such as: Relief Center, Red Crescent Center, Center for Combating Addiction, Center for Environmental Protection, Center for Combating HIV and ...


According to Article 5 of this instruction, if 5 students are interested in one of the fields of cultural, artistic and social activities, they can submit their application for the establishment of the desired center to the university's Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs as the founding board. After approval, compile the instructions of the center and submit it to the mentioned deputy for review and final approval in the cultural council of the university.

Also, according to Article 3 of the mentioned instructions, the rules of the associations will be: the general assembly of the council and the secretary of the association


The members of the association must be at least 15 and a council consisting of 5 members of the association who are elected by direct vote of the members of the general assembly for one year, will be responsible for planning the activities of the association. The secretary of the center is appointed among the members of the central council and the approval of the university's Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs for one year and is responsible for coordinating the activities of the center. The programs of the centers can be implemented after being designed and approved by the Coordination and Planning Council of the centers, which consists of the secretaries of the centers, the deputy of student and cultural affairs, the head of student and cultural affairs and an expert cultural affairs selected by the deputy of student and cultural affairs.


Active student organizations, centers and publications of the university:

Islamic organizations of the university:

Active university organizations that have a large volume of cultural activities of the university are:

  • University student Basij
  • Islamic University Association

Student Centers:

Students' cultural, artistic and social centers, along with Islamic organizations, have presented specialized and special activities in the past years, which have been very impressive and noteworthy. These centers are:

  • Quran and Atrat University Center
  • Literature and Art Center
  • Red Crescent Society
  • Writers Association
  • Mahdism Center
  • Muslim Thought Center
  • Afagh Center
  • Charity Center

There are also two student councils as follows:

  • Mehdi waiting committee in Andisheh dormitory (boys)
  • Roghayeh's committee in Bustan and Golestan dormitories (girls)