Semnan University of Medical Sciences, Paramedical School, with the help of experienced and young professors, has introduced new technologies and achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness in order to train specialized human resources in the field of health and gain a leading position among similar centers.

We would like to welcome all faculty members, students and staff who have chosen the paramedical faculty for their studies, scientific activities and employment and join us in this faculty, and we hope that we will be able to meet the appropriate conditions more than before. Provide a suitable educational and research environment for all esteemed colleagues and students.

Therefore, we all hope that as a member of the great family of science and knowledge, in addition to commitment, expertise, science and technology, we will bring ourselves to the ornament of Islamic and Iranian culture and customs in order to persevere and persevere with deep faith and lasting effort. In order to learn science and knowledge, we have used our efforts and equipped ourselves with the weapon of piety and stability in order to take big steps in achieving our beloved country of Iran to the highest scientific and research peaks in the world.

Head of Sorkheh Paramedical School

Dr Peyman Hejazi

Ph.D Medical Physics