Disciplinary Committee


Head of Disciplinary Committee

Mr. Shojaeiyan


Address: Disciplinary Committee, Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs, Headquarter of SEMUMS, Basij Blvd, Semnan, Iran.

Telephone: 023-33441021-2



The university is considered as a center for the production of science and knowledge. It is one of the effective places in the movement of the revolution and enlightenment of people's thoughts. Therefore, the importance of the role of students as elites of the young generation in the stages of sustainable growth and development of society, the victory of the revolution, the establishment of the system and its defense is undeniable.

Therefore, cultural issues of the university and protecting its high status have always been important generally and specially.

The Student Disciplinary Committee is the only authority in the university which deals with student misconduct and complaints. In addition to its responsibility in dealing with students' transgression of student character and transcendent ethics, this sensitive institution tries to prevent any humiliating treatment, even in cases where violations have been established.

In this regard, the close cooperation of officials and students to achieve its goals is requested and emphasized.

The disciplinary committees are administratively under the jurisdiction of the Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs. However, reviewing cases, dealing with violations, and issuing votes are completely "independent" of the university's administrative system.



  • Protecting the high position of the university.
  • Helping to maintain a healthy educational, research and public rights environment.
  • Encourage students to maintain student dignity.
  • Dealing with disorder and norm-breaking.



  • Dealing with student misconduct.
  • Follow up on student complaints.
  • Answering the employment inquiries of departments and organizations and the inquiries of assistantship, bachelor and master exams.
  • Announcing comments on student requests, transfers and student transfers
  • Provide graduation permit for students with a disciplinary record
  • Provide a license to issue a duplicate card for students …
  • Responding to inquiries from various university units, including the Committee for Supervision of Publications, the Student Guild Council, the Department of Dormitory Affairs, etc.
  • Announcing the opinion regarding the selection of the best student in the country (in all fields and quotas)