Student Consulting and Health Office


Head of the Consulting Office

Dr. Mojtaba Soltani
Telephone: 023-33441021
Saturdays to Wednesdays (office time)
Fax: 023-33448950
Postal address: Consulting Office, Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs, Basij Blvd, Amir Kabir Square, Semnan, Iran.



Experts of the Consulting office:

Ms. Fotuhi
Telephone: 023-33654201
Address: Educational Campus of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services


Ms. Alimohammadi
Address: Consulting Office of Sorkheh Paramedical School


Ms. Harati
Address: Consulting Office of Damghan School of Health


The young population of any country means the growth and development of that country. In addition, one of the honors of our country is the existence of intelligent, talented youth. Such talent and ability, in addition to nurturing, need special care and attention.

Students experience more pressures and discomforts due to the sensitivity of their development period and the critical conditions of this period of life, especially in the first years of entering university, such as breaking away from previous family life, entering student life, the need to adapt to the university environment, dormitory, management of living, educational and emotional issues.